4 Unexpected Uses for Our Shea & Jojoba Hair Cream

We've found a lot of ways to use this product besides those for which we originally intended it. We swear it's not just because we want everything in our medicine cabinet to match. When you've got products that are chemical-free, it makes sense to want to use them all the time, right?

Everyone loves life hacks, and you find yourself in a spot when they could come in useful. Or you may find that you enjoy this product for more than just one thing. Talk about making good use of your investment. This product is truly all-purpose!

Cuticle care

A commonly neglected area of the body, cuticles can get dry as can be when unattended to. You can perk them up by rubbing some Shea & Jojoba cream on them. Gently scrub your nail beds, then let it soak in for 10-15 minutes.

You could even do your entire hands and then put them in gloves to get the most of this moisturizer. Now touch someone's face ASAP.

Lip Balm

Looking for a lip moisturizer that's literally good enough to eat? The Shea & Jojoba Cream can be spread on the lips to give you some shine and relief from chapping, flaking, and dryness.

The ultimate foot-care routine

If it's a decadent couple of hours you seek, start by soaking in your tub with our Shea Bath Bomb. After a nice soak, scrub your feet and then rub them liberally with some Shea & Jojoba Cream. Put on some clean socks to let the moisture soak in. Relax for a couple of hours while your feet soften.

Moisturizing your skin

Our Shea & Jojoba Cream is great for the old and young alike. It's great to use all over your body for those that suffer from dry skin. We don't know if there's some kind of softest baby championship somewhere, but we won't judge you in you sign your little one up.

W3 Girls' Skin Care team hopes you enjoy your tricks of the trade. We enjoyed smearing Shea & Jojoba Hair Cream over our lips and calling it research.

Tell us in the comments about how you use your Shea & Jojoba Hair Cream - we'd love to know.



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