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4 Unexpected Uses for Our Shea & Jojoba Hair Cream

We've found a lot of ways to use this product besides those for which we originally intended it. We swear it's not just because we want everything in our medicine cabinet to match. When you've got products that are chemical-free, it makes sense to want to use them all the time, right? Everyone loves life hacks, and you find yourself in a spot when they could come in useful. Or you may find that you enjoy this product for more than just one thing. Talk about making good use of your investment. This product is truly all-purpose! Cuticle care A commonly neglected area of the body, cuticles can get dry as can be when unattended to. You can perk them up by rubbing some Shea & Jojoba cream on them

16 Benefits of Mango Butter Can Offer You

Mango butter is the lesser-known cousin to shea butter and cocoa butter. We say “cousin” because it’s often used in the same context pertaining to skin and hair care. What many do not realize — though it shouldn’t be too shocking considering its source — is that mango butter is edible. In fact, you may see it included in the ingredients of many over-the-counter chocolates. That said, there are many questions surrounding mango butter: what is it? How is it made? What does it smell like? What is “refined” mango butter versus “unrefined”? And what’s this business about mango seed butter and “cold-pressed” mango butter? In the following article, we will address questions like these and some majo



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